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Alternative Health Care

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Mass Media in the U.S. Created FLU Hysteria

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Immunizations and Vaccinations

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Anti-vaccine activists past and present

Avoid Immunizations for Their Children

Conflict of interest in vaccine development by Sen. Dan Burton

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Attention Deficit Disorder

ADD Smarter Treatments Ahead

ADD Whose Child Is It

ADHD is Not a Brain Disorder

Preteen Ritalin May Increase Depression

Ritalin patchwork orange

Ritalin vs. Cocaine

Ritalin Wars Continue


Warning About Breast Cancer Drug, Herceptin

Adverse Drug Reactions Kill Over 100,000 In Hospitals Annually

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FDA Cautions on Antidepressants and Youth

New generation antidepressants increase risk of gastrointestinal bleeding

Poison for Profit

Drugs Are Accumulating in Sewage Sludge, Surface Waters, and Drinking Water

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The drugs don't work on many people

The Frightening Road Ahead for Prescription Drugs

Food and Drug Administration

FDA Says Farm Antibiotics Must Be Reined In

Medical Research Flaws

How drug firms 'hoodwink' medical journals,6903,1101680,00.html

Look who's paying for research

Most Media Coverage of Drugs Highly Biased

Spinal Manipulation May Help Treat Ear Infection